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 (Right)   Kalyaan Sundar | Raffles Institutes

 (middle) Boyapati Aya Reddy | Swiss Cottage Sec

 (left) Mohnishbala | St Joseph's Institution 


Every year, our students pass their exams with flying colors. With each year, the number of students who graduate with top scores continue to grow.
Let's hear how our top Primary 6 students prepared for their PSLE examination !

Afiyah passed Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS) Singapore public school entry test and enrolled in mainstream Primary 2.



 (Right)   Kalyaan Sundar | Raffles Institutes​

 (middle) Boyapati Aya Reddy | Swiss Cottage Sec​

 (left) Mohnishbala | St Joseph's Institution

 3 Bronze winners from SEA Maths Olympics

Thank you for teaching me different methods to achieve my academic results. Mr. Lim and Miss Joelyn for helping me with my studies. Now, I can enroll in the same school with my schoolmates. I love the teachers in this tuition; they are friendly, caring, and funny. The best tuition Centre I know in CCK neighborhood. Hope more students will join this tuition center.

Jurong Pioneer Junior College  

Wutt Yee Mon


Dear Teahcer Jeolyn and Ms. Huda,

I would like to thank you very much for your efforts in helping my daughter achieve A* in English. I am amazed at not only her development but since having this few sessions with you, she has complete love, enjoyment, and interest in your lesson and homework you send her home with. You taking the time to explain the more tricky questions on a one to one basis was really helpful. The course was well structured allowing the students to achieve their peak performance just in time for the examination, the school holiday homework was great for keeping continuity.


N. Dhanalakshmi

(Parent of V. Gayathri)

Congratulation to Ray for receiving a prize from our Centre. He has achieved A* in his recent CA2 English. Well done and keep it up!

Lim Xin Jun, Ray


I would like to say a BIG thank you to Walter Education Centre, teachers and staff for providing my son, Ryan, with such a loving and wonderful learning environment. Through the guidance of dedicated and experienced teachers, he and other students achieve outstanding results in their PSLE examinations.  Thank you to all the teachers and staff for their commitment.

Ryan Kuah

Thank you Mr. Phang for helping me to improve in my Science.

Your lessons are fun and interesting as you let us do the Science experiments frequently.

I enjoy learning from you.

2019 Gold Medal SEA Games

Xu Jing Feng


I’ve been taking classes here since I was Primary 1 (2010) and till this day. This is still the tuition center that I’ve had the most fun at and benefitted the most from. I feel that this tuition centre is very much different from others and very unique. The teachers here become my friends that we students can speak comfortably to and have fun with. I myself have seen improvement in my studies over the years, thanks to the hard work and commitment of the 3 teachers that I’ve been taught by; Mr Phang (Science), Teacher Joelyn (Chinese) and Mr Lim (Maths). Thank you, Walter Edu, for enduring our endless lame jokes and comments (mostly Mr Phang) and developing us into who we are today. I’m very glad to have chosen to take classes here.


Yew Tee Primary (pri) | Bukit Panjang Gov High (sec) 

Raffles Junior College (RJC)  

Abigail Chua Yi Lin


Thank you teacher for teaching me Science, since I was P4 and my result improved for A to A*. The advice and tip you gave me helped a lot and I am really grateful.

Catholic Junior College


Ong Jing Wen

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