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Synthesis & Transformation


Synthesis is … not as straightforward as you think

Synthesis is more than just putting or changing sentences. Even for some students who have a pretty good grasp of the language, these questions can be really tricky. One different word in the question can lead to a different answer. To ace this section of the examinations, students need to a solid understanding of the basic rules, question types and steps involved.

It is all about the details.


With our self-paced online Synthesis course, students will be learn step-by-step, how to score from the comfort of their own homes. There are exercises to help strengthen their knowledge (and some can be quite challenging!). Need a refresher? Just replay the videos!


Here’s What Your Child Will Receive When He/She Joins Our Synthesis and Transformation Online Course

Video Lessons


30 over mini video lessons!

Unique Strategies


Unique strategies to tackle a wide range of synthesis question types


Grouping of question types that share common strategies to help pupils better remember



Topical worksheets accompanying each video


A bonus quiz upon completion of course


Sample question to reinforce important steps in every topical worksheet

Answers clearly explained to reinforce steps and strategies

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