Sit Tight and Write On!


Synthesis is just… changing or putting the sentences together!

And much more. Is the process really as straightforward as that? Even for some children who already have a good grasp of the language, the answers to sentence synthesis and transformation questions may not be as straightforward if they do not know the requirements.

Gasp! What am I supposed to know?


Just with the change of one word in the question, the required answer may be different. That is how easy it is to trick students and also why you need to have a solid understanding of the basic rules, question types and steps involved before you can confidently score in this section.

It is all about the details.


From knowing the 3 Golden Rules for sentence synthesis to checking your answer after you have written it down, every tiny detail counts. With so many different things to look out for, is it really possible for you to know them all and score? Yes, you can and best of all, we want to make it easier for you, with Synthesis Skill-wers.

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