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Wish there were a little voice to tell you what to say?
You can be your own little voice!

I don't have the gift of the gab.

That is wrong! Reading and conversational skills can be learnt and improved on. You just need to know which areas to take note of and work on. Let us start by bringing out the chatterbox that is in you. 

Cat got your tongue?

How exactly can you still improve on your reading? Are you stuck after just saying 2 or 3 sentences? Is your mind a blank and you are just repeating your points over and over again?

Is your child facing any of the following during the oral examination?

  1. Unsure of why he/she is not scoring for reading

  2. Unsure of how to begin answering during the Stimulus-Based Conversation

  3. Stuck after answering a few lines

  4. The answer seemed disorganized and all over the place

  5. Unsure of when to say what

  6. Giving a lot of irrelevant details for an answer

Speech is a thought that is put into words. You need to start by knowing what to think. 

It's time to RASE™ to the challenge!

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