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Sit Tight and Write On!


Grammar is too easy!

It is not uncommon to see children achieving a perfect score or close to full marks in the grammar MCQ section at the lower primary levels (P1 and P2). However, as your child enters P3 and P4, do you realise that new question types are being added and scoring full marks for this section is no longer a given?

Let’s learn when we reach upper primary then.

And add on to the list of new components to be grasped during the P5 transition year?

Let the P5 transition be more manageable by spreading out what can be learned earlier. With Grammar being a component that children have been exposed to since the first day of primary school, it is definitely one of the best places to start.

The stronger the foundation, the higher the building can be.


By knowing your grammar basics and essential rules well, you are setting yourself up for success in upper primary English. Children who have a strong grounding in grammar find new question types easier to understand and the rules easier to transfer to other parts of English such as sentence synthesis and writing.



Who wants to march into P5 with confidence in securing the marks? We do!

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