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Synthesis & Transformation is one of the easiest sections to score but many students find it difficult to do so. We have the perfectly solution - a self-paced course to help your child ace that important section.


For a limited time only, the course is available for SGD $39.90 (usual price SGD$ 59.90).


Your child will receive


1) A complete video course covering 9 of the most commonly tested topics in Synthesis & Transformation

2) the strategy to answer the most commonly tested questions in PSLE

3) a pdf workbook containing additional practice questions

4) A complete answer key

With PSLE just around the corner, now is the perfect time to learn the tips and tricks to help your child ace the exams with flying colours.


Online video lessons covered:

  • Guides to pupils

  • Lest

  • If (Conditionals)

  • Direct to Indirect speech

  • Indirect to Direct speech

  • Active vs Passive voice

  • Comparative vs Superlative

  • Participial Phrase

  • Changing Word Class

  • Prepositional Phrase

(S$39.90) - Limited time      Usual Price (S$59.90)

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